In a medical environment, UV germicidal enclosures are employed as an additional safeguard against HAI (Hospital-aquired Infections). Download UV Box information.
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Cleaners & Electrostatic Disinfectant Solutions

We are a full-service provider of everything you need to treat sleep apnea. In addition, CPAP Cleaners are essential to ensuring that you are healthy while using your CPAP machine. Learn about our offerings of solutions.

Electrostatic Sprayers

Electrostatic spraying is a method of applying a coating, cleaner, disinfectant, or other liquid, that involves applying an electric charge to a liquid in order to get it to fully cover a surface. … Electrostatic spraying of coating and other liquids has been around since 1940. Learn about our offering of Electrostatic Sprayers.

Environmental Services

We have a wide variety of products to make sure your life is germ free. Learn about our offerings environmental services.

UV Cleaners by Puro

Cleaning by ultraviolet light technology is a non-chemical approach to disinfection. We use UV light to destroy microorganisms, including bacteria, virus, protist, and fungus/mold. Ultraviolet disinfection attacks the DNA/RNA of a cell, rendering it unable to reproduce or spread. Learn about our offerings of UV Cleaners.