Indy Medical Supplies LLC has been in business since July 2007. We specialize in technologically advanced products such as the Electrostatic Sprayer System or ESS which uses an environmentally safe solution that kills 99.9995 % of MRSA, Clostridium Difficile or C-Diff, Salmonella, E-Coli, EBOLA, Enterococcus and a number of infectious micro-organisms that haven’t been listed. The sprayer dispurses particles at 700ppm, which makes it faster than any other sprayer. It comes in several models including a backpack, suitcase and floor mode. It is FDA and EPA approved. We also carry Portable Oxygen Concentrators, which produce their own oxygen and improve quality of life. We have sold C-arm, baby scales, surgical tables etc. from China. We have built relationships with several people to build trust. We are diverse and enjoy doing presentations about new and innovative technologies to clients. About the owners. Bonita Webster MBA, R.T. (R) is CEO and Vice President, Harry Coleman MBA, CPIM and CPM is President. Bonita has a background in Medicine with a concentration in Medical Imaging and Surgery. She also obtained her BA in Business with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.She also has a certification in Interior design. Her MBA is in Marketing. Harry Coleman has been in purchasing and project management for a major Automotive firm. He also has certifications in various business related areas. We are interested in importing and exporting products. Our tagline is “Keeping You and the Environment Safe!  We can provide any products that you need or are difficult to find. No job is too large or too small. Call us, we will help!